About us

itcha itcha is founded by me - Anton Johansson. I'm a Swedish serial entrepreneur that has been running numerous e-commerce companies for over 15 years. My experience range from tech startups, e-commerce companies, agencies and everything in between. 

The name itcha itcha doesn't mean anything but that made me even more excited of it. A name without history means I can fill it with new meanings, products and stories and that's what I'm trying to do.

itcha itcha is a place for many different products, categories and ideas. The basic idea is to have products that can be considered a gift - to yourself, someone else or even your pet. Since we do have a lot of "personalisation" products, for example gifts with name on it, we're more than happy to hear from you with what YOU want to buy from us. Maybe we should add a name? A product? Or idea?

The company that owns and runs itcha itcha is called Mirjoran AB and is a Swedish registered company "Aktiebolag". We have a solid financial status, long business history and registered VAT status. 

itcha itcha sell globally and we have numerous different warehouses and locations where we supply our customers from. However, our customer service and business operations are based in Sweden and customer support will therefore answer GMT+1, Central Europan Standard Time.

Welcome to itcha itcha! / Anton